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Certification of Products

... creates trust for the client - because certified products are of high quality for a specific reason:
  • Precondition for product certification is always the verification of conformity related to defined requirements of the product.
  • Independent auditors on a regular basis control the conformity to set production criteria as well as conformity with defined and declared product quality.

Manufacturers of ift certified products are posted with their certificates on our ift web site and published in other neutral bodies, e.g. in the KPK directories (KPK-Herstellerverzeichnisse) of the Landeskriminalämter (Land Offices of Criminal Investigation) authorised by the KPK (Kommission Polizeiliche Kriminalprävention, Commission for Criminal Prevention).

ift Rosenheim is the recognised authority (PÜZ Stelle, Bay 18) for building supervisory procedures and a notified body (0757) in Europe, and therefore authorised to perform all required surveillances and certifications for Ü- or CE marking.

Additionally, the ift Rosenheim certification body is flexibly accredited according to DIN EN 45011. This accreditation guarantees international recognition for all ift certificates and authorises the certification body to develop new, individual certification programmes - e.g. on customer request or market requirements and needs from the industry.
We encourage you to contact us, if you cannot find the appropriate programme for product certification in our offer, which is listed below.

Rules for use of the "ift-certified" marks - [2 MB]
QM201-e_General_Req_fd62d5cf.pdf [76 KB]

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